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I was planning to put down my thougths on lot of other things but then one of the mails in my mailbox took my attention today. I had a mail from stating that my page  rank was 81. So, that was something good, for a person, who takes out time from family and office to blog. Not bad, huh.

Earlier I had not looked at Google ranking and Alexa ranking. I came to know that I have a google ranking of 3 and Alexa ranking of 1.87M, considered quite good by indiblogger. Looks good to me. What do you say.

Just found that Google pagerank can be seen at

or Page Rank Checker

Alexa ranking at

My traffic rank in india is : 220,382

Only reason, I am still not getting good rankings is that I don\’t have pages linking to my site, so request you to link to my blog, if you like my blog 🙂

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    1. I guess I have mentioned the source of the information in the post. This information has become quite old though and the current alexa ranking is around 230K which seems to be quite good considering that I am not a full time blogger. Anyway, if you are looking for some specific information let me know and thanks for the nice words.

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