feh – versatile image viewer works from command line too.

To install :

sudo yum install feh

From the info for the feh package:

feh – versatile image viewer works from command line too
premier image file handling library. feh has many features,
from simple single file viewing, to multiple file modes using
a slideshow or multiple windows. feh supports the creation of
montages as index prints with many user-configurable options.

One of the reasons, I install feh as one of the first packages on any installation is the reason that it can open multiple images like in stack. To make things even more simpler I create a alias like this:

alias v=\’feh -p –scale-down -Z -r \’

with this alias in place I can go to any directory in bash and just type \”v *\” to see all the images 🙂

Some good things you can do with feh are :

Have a theme or naming for option groups. You can have the name for option groups in $HOME/.fehrc or /etc/fehrc. If none exists then you can create one and then make a entry like below

amit -p –scale-down -Z -r

and then use

feh –theme amit *.jpg


feh -Tamit *.jpg

In my default install for feh, I have couple of entries which look quite interesting:

# Webcam mode, simply specify the url(s).
# e.g. feh -Twebcam http://cam1 http://cam2
webcam –multiwindow –reload 20

# Create an index of the current directory. This version uses . as the
# current dir, so you don\’t even need any commandline arguments.
mkindex -iVO index.jpg .

# More ambitious version…
imgidx -iVO .fehindex.jpg –limit-width 1200 –thumb-width 90 –thumb-height 90 .

# Show a presentation
present –full-screen –sort name

# Booth mode 😉
booth –full-screen –hide-pointer –slideshow-delay 20

# Screw xscreensaver, use feh =)
screensave –full-screen –randomize –slideshow-delay 5

# Add <img> tags to your html with ease 🙂
newimg -q -L \”<img src=\”%f\” alt=\”%n\” border=\”0\” width=\”%w\” height=\”%h\”>\”

# Different menus
chrome –menu-bg /usr /share/feh/images/menubg_chrome.png
brushed –menu-bg /usr/share/feh/images/menubg_brushed.png
pastel –menu-bg /usr/share/feh/images/menubg_pastel.png
aluminium –menu-bg /usr/share/feh/images/menubg_aluminium.png
wood –menu-bg /usr/share/feh/images/menubg_wood.png
aqua –menu-bg /usr/share/feh/images/menubg_aqua.png
sky –menu-bg /usr/share/feh/images/menubg_sky.png
orange –menu-bg /usr/share/feh/images/menubg_orange.png
light –menu-bg /usr/share/feh/images/menubg_light.png
black –menu-bg /usr/share/feh/images/menubg_black.png –menu-style /usr/share/feh/fonts/black.style

Thats quite a lot of options ..  There are quite a lot of others you can see with \”–help\”.

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