The document editor that is revolutionary and breaking the typewriter paradigm.

Today, I thought I will try something different for word processor requirements, for non-text files. For text  files, vi rocks for me 🙂

So, I tried LyX, here is the description of the editor:

Description: LyX is a modern approach to writing documents which breaks with the
: obsolete \”typewriter paradigm\” of most other document preparation
: systems.  It is designed for people who want professional quality
: output with a minimum of time and effort, without becoming
: specialists in typesetting.  The major innovation in LyX is WYSIWYM
: (What You See Is What You Mean). That is, the author focuses on
: content, not on the details of formatting. This allows for greater
: productivity, and leaves the final typesetting to the backends
: (like LaTeX) that are specifically designed for the task.  With
: LyX, the author can concentrate on the contents of his writing, and
: let the computer take care of the rest.


And heres the screenshot:


The interface is quite intutive. I think I would like this document processor. LyX supports exporting the file in text format, dvi, latex, pdf and ps to name a few. It inherently supports latex too. Quite interesting.

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