Gentoo, Knoppix and Linux Console Screenshots

Finally I decided to try a few distro\’s that I downloaded with Beldi.

1) Gentoo: Quite Small distribution. Did not configure my DHCP address and also did not start a X window also so did not try too much.

\"gentoo\" \"gentoo2\"

2) Knoppix: Well known for its recovery functions, the Live CD does discover all the hardware and boots pretty nicely to the X windows directly with the ethernet configured.
I specially liked the fact that the boot up to X window theme looked quite similar and the background did not change which is quite soothing. And no doubt the desktop background included by default is quite good.

\"knoppix\" \"knoppix2\"

The applications installed by default is also quite interesting and largely covers the requirements for most of the users, I believe. Few scneenshots of the same.



3) Linux Console:
A Live CD with couple of games. Otherwise quite small distribution.

\"Linux \"Linux

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