KDE For Windows – An Overview

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KDE is turning out to be a fabulous Desktop. The latest version – KDE 4.4.0 aka Caikaku is choke full of features which gives the term \”Desktop usability\” a new meaning all together. What makes KDE all the more appealing is the plethora of well designed applications that come bundled with it.

Then again, considering that Windows enjoys a virtual monopoly of the computer desktop market, (with Linux garnering just over 1%), it might take some time for the ordinary lay person to savour the goodies that KDE provides.

But hope is at sight. KDE 4.x which is based on Qt4 library is truly portable and works remarkably well across operating systems.

KDE 4 on Windows
\”KDE for Windows\” is a very active project that aims to port KDE 4 and all the applications that are built on KDE to run natively in Windows.

This article accompanied by pictures explain the steps involved in installing a native build of KDE 4 on Windows.

Why should I run KDE 4 on Windows ?
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