There is only one reason left why Windows exists

Image via CrunchBase

156 minutes of pain compared with 26 minutes of success. That\’s the difference between a Windows installation and a Linux installation. After two and a half hours fiddling with a Windows install on my Toshiba laptop, it became pretty obvious what is one major reason why Windows remains a viable operating system.

Let me start by sharing a simple premise. I wanted a dual boot laptop, with Windows and Linux. Since Windows has an attitude problem it has to be on the primary partition and master drive to work correctly. No problem. I decided to simply start with a reinstall of Windows.

Bad idea. Reinstalling a base Windows to my laptop was going to be an event to end all installation events.

I am using a simple configuration on a Toshiba Satellite Pro 1GB RAM, 80GB 5400rpm disk, wifi, 10/100 and integrated video/sound run with Realtek. Straightforward stuff I thought.

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