Google\’s RE2 regular expression library

Image via CrunchBase


Google has announced the release of its RE2 library under a BSDish license. \”At Google, we use regular expressions as part of the interface to many external and internal systems, including Code Search, Sawzall, and Bigtable. Those systems process large amounts of data; exponential run time would be a serious problem. On a more practical note, these are multithreaded C++ programs with fixed-size stacks: the unbounded stack usage in typical regular expression implementations leads to stack overflows and server crashes. To solve both problems, we\’ve built a new regular expression engine, called RE2, which is based on automata theory and guarantees that searches complete in linear time with respect to the size of the input and in a fixed amount of stack space.\” More information can be found on the RE2 project page.


cairo-dock themes on server – download to local machine.

I was trying to get all the cairo-themes locally. One because sometimes the internet connection is slow and second for the fun of it. So I did the first thing that can be done, to search the internet and find out how to do it. Could not find anything in the results and thus started to search how to to it. And here it is finally:

Get the list of themes here. Once this is done, simply go to<theme-name> and download the file. Once this is done you can untar it to /usr/share/cairo-dock/themes and you are done.


I am busy finding a good photo to submit on one of the photography contest. Once I have finalized the Photo, will post the details and the photos here :). Probably tomorrow. Till then so long.