How To Install Ailurus On Fedora

For those who have not yet heard about ailurus:

\"\"What is Ailurus?

Ailurus is cross-Linux-distribution GPL software, which aims at making Linux easier to use, for newcomers.

\"\"What does Ailurus hope to do?

Ailurus hopes to reduce the difficulty which newcomers encounter when they are using Linux.

Ailurus hopes to promote popular open-source software.

Ailurus hopes to promote open-source software which is elegant but has not entered official repository.

\"\"What can Ailurus do?

Ailurus can …

  • display Linux skills
  • install popular software
  • change GNOME settings
  • display hardware information
  • enable some third party repositories#
  • clean apt/yum cache#
  • backup and recover apt/yum status#

the features marked with \”#\” support Ubuntu/Fedora only

You can go here to get more details. Now here is a link to installing it on Fedora. For those of you who don\’t need to know how to install a package, you should still visit the link to get details on how to install the ailurus plugin to allow installing non free softwares on Fedora 🙂

If you would not want to keep checking for the updates then you can add the ailurus repo and enable it so that as soon as  a new version is available, it is updated when you run your regular updates.

Here is what is required :

name=Ailurus Experimental Release

Put this in a repo file in /etc/yum.repos.d and you are done….


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