First Fedora 13 Features Listed: NFSv4, DisplayPort

Fedora 12 will not see the light of day for a few more weeks still, but the first features for Fedora 13 are now known. On the Fedora Project Wiki is now the Fedora 13 feature list. Added so far to the Fedora 13 feature list are mostly the few features that didn\’t make it in time for Fedora 12: NFSv4 protocol by default, support for mounting NFS servers over IPv6, and yum language package plug-in…




for loop in bash script on solaris without seq

Today I was working on a solaris box and wanted to do a watch. watch command is not available on Solaris 8 by default and I did not want to install it just for this small one time job. So I wrote this:

for (( i=0; i<=100; i++ )); do ls -lrt /tmp/amit*; sleep 2; done

You can replace the command in bold with whatever command you want to watch.