Change the look and feel of Fedora with emrald, change to openbox, fvwm, emerald, metacity or openbox

I have been looking for this information for quite sometime now. Did not quite find this information in the net. Finally looked through some of the packages in the repository and found the one that I was looking for. There is a rpm called fusion-icon that has quite a lot of features. The description for the package goes like this:

The Compiz Fusion Icon is a simple panel applet for starting and controlling Compiz Fusion. Upon launch, it will attempt to start Compiz Fusion automatically. You may need to select a window decorator, if one does not appear.

The package is quite useful if you are a freak about how your desktop looks like.

This will basically add a icon to your task manager which will allow you to select the window decorator and also allow you to select the window manager that you want to use. I personally use this with the Gnome Window manager. So once you have decided that you want to use this you can go to System->Preferences->Personal->Session and then add a new item with the command as \”fusion-icon\”. You can give any name or Description that you want. And you are done. Once you restart your gnome session you will see an icon for the Fusion in the task manager and then you can set the window decorator or change couple of settings which are quite interesting to play with.

Very nice indeed.

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