Gnome Icons, themes and window decorator.

Yesterday, I had tried fusion theme, but that did not work our that good for me. Reasons multifold:
1) I like the features of GNome
2) I am used to GNome
3) Other window managers did not look that lucarative to me.
4) Compiz was chocking my CPU..
and so on..

So I went back to my GNome but wanted to change the looks so searched enough today to get the right set of Icons and themes. I think I finally got some decent ones and here are the links for the icons that I liked:
and this one here.

So heres what my desktop looks like now. (rather few of them with different icon sets)

\"screenshot\" \"Screenshot\" \"Screenshot\" \"Screenshot\" \"Screenshot\" \"Screenshot\"

Configurable Linux Distro You Might Want To Try – Fedora

Rounding out the fall releases from the big cheeses in Linux comes Fedora 12. Fedora is a popular Linux distribution funded by Red Hat, the most profitable Linux corporation active today. Fedora usually sits within the top three or four most popular distributions at

Much of the company and community work that goes into Fedora will find its way into Red Hat Enterprise Linux, the commercial Linux version used by governments and businesses around the world. You might compare the relationship between Red Hat and Fedora to Novell and openSUSE.

For this reason, Fedora is a well respected and highly popular distribution, even if their development may skew towards the enterprise. Thus Fedora might be considered geared for the more experienced and power user. While many aspects of this American-based operating system are quite user-friendly, other areas might require some prior Linux knowledge to fully appreciate.

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Unixmen – Tips to reduce memory usage on Firefox

Unixmen – Tips to reduce memory usage on Firefox

A nice aritcle on reducing the memory usage of firefox on Linux.

There are some things in life everyone is looking for and no one ever finds and there are other things that people keep finding and re-finding and inventing and re-inventing. Reducing memory usage for Firefox and speeding it up is one such thing. So, here is another story to reduce the memory usage of firefox.

Unixmen – Tips to reduce memory usage on Firefox | Linux | Unixmen