Enlightment Desktop.

Enlightenment window managet I just chanced upon today while browsing the list of packages in fedora repository and thought might as well try it for sometime. For sometime now I had shifted to LXDE in favour of its being light weight but was serving well to my purposes and was quite happy with its performance.

So i just installed Enlightenment:

sudo yum install enlightenment

and selected yes for downloading the dependencies to too.  This took me to a great new world of GUI. This is a really great Desktop manager. Seems to be quite okay in terms of using the CPU. The looks are completely configurable. Menus are configurable and if you dont like the default theme then there are lot to choose from at various location some of which I have mentioned in below.

Okay here\’s a screenshot:


Okay that is not the default theme, but you can get the themes from :




I am really liking the Desktop manager for now and am quite happy to try it out. Earlier to I had tried E16 but did not like that too much 🙁

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