Perl Excel to create a test plan with perl — specially very

Today I came across a very interesting problem. I had to write a Test Case document that had quite a huge number of test cases. The interesting part was that the Procedure and the result remained same but the name of the frame and the fields were chaning. I felt that copy/paste and modification would be a complete waste of time, so wrote this perl script quickly. Does what is expected.






# USAGE: ./


# DESCRIPTION: Create excel TC Document using perl.




# BUGS: —

# NOTES: —

# AUTHOR: Amit Agarwal(


# VERSION: 1.0

# CREATED: 09/14/2009 06:58:42 PM



use strict;

use warnings;

use Spreadsheet::WriteExcel;

my $procedure;

my $result;

my $frame;

my $field;

my $line;

my $row = 1;

my $workbook = Spreadsheet::WriteExcel->new(\”amit_agarwal.xls\”);

my $worksheet = $workbook->add_worksheet(\”GUI_TC\”);

# To use blod style, you can use the below format.

# my $bold = $workbook->add_format();

# $bold->set_bold();

# $worksheet->write(5, 0, \”amitag\”, $bold);

# We will assume that file \”amit\” exists in current directory

# and contains two fields per line. First field is frame name

# and second is the name of the field to check.

open(FILE,\”<amit\”)|| die \”Cannot open file amit for input\”;

for $line (<FILE>)


my $col = 0;

chomp ($line);


$procedure = \”Objective: Verify the frame $frame\\n\”;

$procedure .= \”Procedure:\\n\”;

$procedure .= \”1. Go to frame $frame\\n\”;

$result = \”1. Verify that the frame ($frame)is displayed correctly.\\n\”;

$result .= \”2. Verify that $field is displayed in $frame\”;

$worksheet->write($row++,$col,\”Verify the frame $frame\”);




close (FILE);



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