cream bash ide – vim with bash support


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Here you can find the cream editor. This is basically vim editor with lots of customizations thus making it simpler for the users to use the editor directly.

This version already has the bash and perl support plugins and thus you can start using them as IDE without the need to add any plugins. It has a simple and advanced mode. In the simple mode you need not worry about all the modes of the vi/vim editor. How cool is that ๐Ÿ™‚

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3 thoughts on “cream bash ide – vim with bash support”

  1. ย How cool? Well, without the modes, you are forced to move your hands away from the home row to navigate through your file; switch to a different file; or make edits to your file involving cut, copy, and paste–especially using particular registers other than the system clipboard–and anything that forces you to do that also forces you to divert your eyes away from the screen, because with modes you can do all of those things and more without looking at the the keyboard. How cool is that?

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