Convert string to hex.

If you want to use snoop or tcpdump with advanced search in the packet, then you would need to convert the string to hex string. For this, either you can use a web search and find some web application to do that or you can use a simple C program like this 🙂

* =====================================================================================
*       Filename:  ascii.c
*    Description:  ascii to dec
*        Version:  1.0
*        Ceated:  03/02/2012 12:08:49 PM
*       Revision:  none
*       Compiler:  gcc
*         Author:  Amit Agarwal (aka),
*  Last modified: Thu Mar 08, 2012  08:47PM
* =====================================================================================
void main (int argc, char **argv){
    int i=0;
    char a[200]="",b[200]="";
    printf("String - %s, Length - %d\n",argv[1],strlen(argv[1]));
    /*printf("%x\n 0x",argv[1]);*/
    while (i < strlen(argv[1])){
    printf ("\n");
    printf ("String : %s\n",argv[1]);
    printf ("Hex    : 0x%s\n", a);
    printf ("Dec    : %s\n", b);

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