My HomeGrown Free web address with unlimited space for no charge.

I have a broadband connection and have been trying to do this for a while. I wanted to setup a URL that could link to my system at my home at \”no extra cost\”. To start with this is for fun and finally for profit. As you know, buying a space on the web now a days is costly and I believe saving money is earning money and thus did the setup so that I have a URL that can go directly to my system behind the ADSL router.

Check this out:

This is link for phpMan on my system so might not be available at all times, but will try to keep it up and running all the time. I have fixed most of the issues with my system wrt hardware and have been running it for 4 days without re-start before trying this. So do comment if you like it. Will soon write on how I did this.

My Linux book posted on

Today I found out that the Linux book I published sometime back is also linked on the following Link

Thanks Robin for putting this on.. And yes, is definately quite good with contents on Hacking (Ethical).

Add border to images from command line using montage.

Adding a border to the images from command line is quite simple. But if you have couple of images in a directory that you want to add border to then it may become quite painful 🙂

So what is the solution. You can simply use a one liner to do the job for you.

for i in *.jpg; do montage -geometry 720×576 -background black -quality 100 $i conv-$i; done