wallpaper manager


So, I have been looking for a wallpaper manager with some features like: […] automatically change wallpaper from my directory list […] Get wallpapers from internet […] Possibly …

xev – Check the X keyboard events


xev man page […] xev – print contents of X events […] So other day I was checking why my play key was not working and wanted to check if it maps to one of the X default mappings for the …

Get to your ebooks quickly


We are using “rofi” here to show the menu. So, lets first install that cat <<EOF >/etc/yum.repos.d/_copr_yaroslav-i3desktop.repo [yaroslav-i3desktop] name=Copr repo for i3desktop owned by …

image viewer tools


These are some of the image viewers that I know, pick your choice 🙂

ssh – host hopping (with Jump host)


Most of the times I need to jump hosts with ssh. What do I mean by that. Let me try to explain : Host Hopping If I need to got to host h3 then I need to first login to h1 and from there to host h2 and …

Battery life on laptops


To improve your laptop battery life, just do the following:

search for a port number


I find myself doing google everytime I want to search for port number mapping. So, here is a short script to do just that 🙂

Fix weird flux menu


Some distro’s just add all the items under single menu and thus the menu itself becomes unusable because of the number of items in the submenu and this I did not like and hence ceated this simply …

Windows Vs Linux – One more time


Image via Wikipedia […] One of the most written and commented articles has to be Linux vs Windows (of course there are competitors like vim vs emacs) but none has been covered so much as Linux …

Kernel dropped packet analysis


Found a simple method to check for all the packets dropped by kernel. First you need to install dropwatch with dnf install dropwatch and details of the package […] Once that is done, you will …

Separation Anxiety: A Tutorial for Isolating Your System with Linux Namespaces


With the advent of tools like Docker, Linux Containers, and others, it has become super easy to isolate Linux processes into their own little system environments. This makes it possible to run a whole …

Fix fonts quickly with auto-hinting


Very quick hack to fix the font hinting automatically. Just execute the below: sudo ln -s /usr/share/fontconfig/conf.avail/10-autohint.conf /etc/fonts/conf.d/10-autohint.conf After this you should see …

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