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If you are a web developer and are worried about how your website would look like in the various browsers and do not have the resources to test all the browsers, what do you do? Check out the webpage at


Some good and nice open source books worth downloading.

There is a nice article here bby Alastair Otter. He has given links to different Books that are worth reading.  These include:





to name a few, along with others. Its worth reading the article. While you are at it don\’t forget the gems known as comments.

Also note that my there is also a book in sourceforge called LinkBat. Quite nice book. There is also a html version hosted on my desktop here.

Multiple search in vim

I was looking at a log file and needed to highlight multiple search items to make the logs more readable. I got into multiple threads suggesting various cryptic vim commands but I was in no mood to remember them. So, I finally hit this.

This is a cool vim script which you can use to highlight multiple search patter. You can simply add a search term by doing

\":S\"earch <pattern>

By default it is configured to have four colors but you can change that. Also when you want to reset the search you can simply do: