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sphere related content added.

Added sphere related content plugin to my blog. Pretty good plugin to display related contect on the blogs. If you wish to see related content just press the sphere related content on the bottom of the article and a pop up will show you related content.

Web Thumbnails, create your account to upload your files for free, or send an ecard.

I just have the correct set of tools and the web application for your creativity. You can create your login and use your imagination to create your own eCrads. There\’s a lot more things that you can do. I will leave those for your creativity.

Here is the link:


Update 21/01/2009: When I was on vacation I took some photos which you can buy here. If you just want to send it to someone, you can go to http://amit.themafia.info/gallery2. You would need to check the gallery called \”Yash\”