Windows visitor more than Linux visitor :)

I installed the StatPressCN plugin sometime back, just for fun and to see the stats on the visitors of my blog. Yesterday I was reading a blog entry(dont remember whose), who mentioned that the number of visits on his website was more from windows and thus I thought I will check out the stats on my site. Guess what 🙂


Check out the OS Section in the above.

Windows XP 132
Linux 73
Windows Vista 38
Ubuntu Linux 23
Debian Linux 7
Windows 95 1
Mac OS X 1
Windows Server 2003 1

Linux constitutes only ~36% of the visits.

And for those of you who are interested, October 30, 2008 saw 239 visits. Currently I think this is the highest. Thanks to all my readers.

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I registered my blog with Myfreecopyright to put a copyright on my work. This is not to discourage people from using my work or refering to my work or blog but to ensure that you give the credit to me for my work.

Ideally I would appreciate people doing traceback or pingback to my blog when refering my work but just a reference to my blog should also suffice.

If you have any doubts on this, feel free to mail me.

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