Directories with maximum number of files

Lot of times, I want to find the directories with maximum number of files and so I wrote this quick function to do exactly the same


function count_lines ()
    cd $dir
    find . -type d |while read line
        echo -n "$(find $line -type f |wc -l) $line"
        printf "Directories :: %8d\r" $count >&2
    done|sort -n
}   # ----------  end of function count_lines  ----------

Use Linux on your Android mobile/tablet (without root)

Been looking for this for a long time, finally there is some app which allows me to run a linux distro without rooting my gadget.

Here is link to website. Check this out, its easy to setup and does not require rooting your device.

xev – Check the X keyboard events

xev man page

xev – print contents of X events

So other day I was checking why my play key was not working and wanted to check if it maps to one of the X default mappings for the keyboard and was stuck on how to check this. And finally found that I can try this:


xev -event keyboard

Pretty neat 🙂