Sending SMS the cheaper way.


I have been working on finding ways to send SMS the cheapest way. Looked at couple of services and tried couple of softwares and gateways but finally found this to be the best way: <a …

My Images


Useful Links


Added a new addition to my website. <a title="Links" href="">Dew-NewPHPLinks Looks quite promising for managing web links and sharing them. …

jatss – nice utility for time tracking.


Found a nice utility on sourceforge called jatss URL: Description: JATSS Time Sheet is pile of Perl code hastily thrown together to provide a simple to use time …

Scratch — Programming for kids


Scratch <a href="">website. Description from their site: Scratch is a new programming language that makes it easy to create your own interactive stories, …

Flickr Link on the blog.


I have managed to install the plugin to display my flickr photos on the blog page. Link is <a …

wordpress upgraaded to latest version


Upgraded wordpress to version 2.6.2 for some security fixes and new functionalities.

Linux awk command


Have you ever had a column-oriented text file, similar to a spreadsheet, but the columns weren't in the order you wanted? For instance, suppose you had the following information in a file named …


parse and paste text


Lot of times, I copy the text but before pasting want to remove a word or make some other changes or add “wget” to the URL, quite common. So, I came up with this alias replace='echo $(xclip -i)|sed …

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