quadkonsole – multiple consoles to make your life easier

First lets install quadkonsole:

yum install quadkonsole

Now, to launch the quadkonsole, just type quadkonsole in the run box (appears with Alt+F2).

You will by default see 4 console windows in single window but you can change that with command line options like so:

quadkonsole --rows 4 --columns 4

This will initiate windows with 16 consoles. How cool is that.

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bash script to change the vim colorscheme from the list of locally available schemes

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Today I was just wondering how good it would be to have a script to change the vim colorscheme from the command prompt. The plan for the script was simply to print the list of available schemes and then let the user select the actions from there on. So, here is the result:

#!/bin/bash –
#          FILE:  change_vim_colorscheme.sh
#         USAGE:  ./change_vim_colorscheme.sh
#   DESCRIPTION: Change the vim colorscheme from command prompt
#       OPTIONS:  —
#          BUGS:  —
#         NOTES:  —
#        AUTHOR:  Amit Agarwal (AKA), amit.agarwal@amit-agarwal.co.in
#       COMPANY:  Individual
#       VERSION:  1.0
#       CREATED:  02/02/2010 10:30:07 PM IST
#      REVISION:  —

cd ~/.vim/colors
for i in *.vim
echo \”${i%.vim}\”

read -p \”Enter one of the colorschemes :: \” choice
if [ ! -f $file ]
echo \”Colorscheme file \”$file\” does not exist\”
exit -1

sed \’s#\\(^ *colorscheme\\).*#\\1 \’$choice\’#\’ ~/.vimrc > /tmp/vimrc
diff ~/.vimrc /tmp/vimrc
read -p \”Do you want to make the changes (y/n) :: \” yn
if [ $yn = \”y\” ]
echo {/tmp/,~/.}vimrc
cp {/tmp/,~/.}vimrc
echo \”Modified changes are available in /tmp/vimrc\”