Free Home made calendar for December 2010.

Hope you will like this 🙂

December Calendar
December Calendar
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gnomecc color scheme – my favourite.

my favourite gtkrc-2 file.

Snapshot of how it looks.


6700 free and redistributable fonts for Linux.

Today I was searching for some good fonts for my desktop running Fedora 11 – Leonidas. In my quest to find the required fonts that I would liked, I reached some good sites so just thought would share the same with you.

First, how do you use them, simple steps:

mkdir ~/.fonts

Now you can put your fonts in this directory. You can make sub-directories to keep your fonts organized. On F11, I did not need to refresh the font server or logout and login. 🙂

Now the sites:

1) Selectively download the font from the list of nearly 6800 fonts from here.

2) Download archieve of more than 6700 fonts from here.

3) You can head over here to get few more interesting fonts.