steam on Linux – for Fedora

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I was trying to get steam on linux on my Fedora box. Headed over to steam website, but was astonished to find only Ubuntu client over there.  A little googling presented me with the developer website blog of So, here is the link for you, just in case you are searching for the same:



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LPI Certification help and tutorials

For the last couple of days I have been very busy but not too away from my desktop. Though I did not get time to publish anything. Here\’s one of my other favourite distributions. Its known as elpicx. This distribution is oriented towards LPI certification exams and contains some documents and links that are quite helpful.

Good thing is now it supports F9 with KDE.

I found that the documents in the distro are GPL and thus I dont think that there should be any issue in re-distributing the pdfs and the links, so here it is. If you find anything in these docs or links that I should not link or upload them, let me know. I wil remove them.

Here\’s some screenshots:

\"desktop\" \"desktop_ubuntu\" \"welcome\" \"tutorials\" \"online-links\"

Damn Vulnerable Linux – DVL review

Today morning I got a chance to look at one of the other less commonly known Linux Distribution and out of the line distribution, very good for Learning purposes. The distribution is known as DVL (Damn Vulnerable Linux). As the name suggest this is for people looking at developing their skills in Security and Penetration testing. Quite a lot of good and interesting tools are included. More is left for users to experiment but I definately liked the distribution. Here is the homepage.