vim – yank/xopy in different register to paste

Very quick update, to use registers, you can select and then yank in a register to paste using the same register. This could be a convinient way to copy multiple selections and then paste which ever selection you want. Here is the simple way to do it:

visuallly select with v/V

then “qy to yank (here we are yanking into register q, so in the command you can use any of a-z to use as register)

then “qp to paste..

To, view all the registers, you can use the command “registers”.


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what is vim in 6Kb..

If you thought that vim is very bloated and nothing abuot this editor can be small, then you are not alone. I was myself in the same bandwagon.


Well, I never thought that there could be anything about vim that can be explained in Kb’s, lest alone the complete vim features. But looks like had thought about this and thus came up with this. And here is the direct link to the vim in 6kb in English.

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