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For those of you who don\’t know about ailurus:

Ailurus is cross-Linux-distribution GPL software, which aims at making Linux easier to use, for newcomers.

And the features include:

Ailurus can …

* display Linux skills
* install popular software
* change GNOME settings
* display hardware information
* enable some third party repositories#
* clean apt/yum cache#
* backup and recover apt/yum status#

the features marked with \”#\” support Ubuntu/Fedora only

and finally the tutorial:


Linux command to repeat a string n times – Super User

I was working on something and needed to output the string n times. I have required this even to print a line with \’-\’ or \’=\’ but this time I badly wanted it in bash. So I searched google and found this:

printf \”Amit Agarwal%.0s\” {1..5}

Explanations and other examples:


Unixmen – Tips to reduce memory usage on Firefox

Unixmen – Tips to reduce memory usage on Firefox

A nice aritcle on reducing the memory usage of firefox on Linux.

There are some things in life everyone is looking for and no one ever finds and there are other things that people keep finding and re-finding and inventing and re-inventing. Reducing memory usage for Firefox and speeding it up is one such thing. So, here is another story to reduce the memory usage of firefox.

Unixmen – Tips to reduce memory usage on Firefox | Linux | Unixmen