Get yourself som new themes for vim

Well, you would already have some themes for your vim, by default. And if you did not like them then you would have added some of your own too (downloaded from But, those are something, that you might not still like and want to make some changes.

Here’s, a new way to do it. Just go to the link mentioned below and click on Generate Dark or Generate Light. You can generate as many as you like and once you like the theme, simply click on vim in the bottom and download 🙂 BTW, you can generate textmate and Emacs theme as well.

Generate some themes here.

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g flag in :s useless in vim

Some time back there was a post on vim_use list about the “/g” flag for the search and replace functionality of the vim. And the response of “Tim Chase” on the same was very elaborate and interesting. I always knew that “/g” is only for replacing multiple occurrences on the same line, but here are few things that I did not know.


This one will only replace the first occurrence of this in the whole file.


This one will replace the first occurrence of this in the file from current cursor position including the current line.

And finally here is the link to the post.

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vim autocomplete – automagically without tab.

Table of contents for vim inttellisense

  1. vim autocomplete – automagically without tab.

Lets first do the setup in one line. Get my vim script downloader.

Use the script to add the script with script ID : :1879 (vim-autocomplpop) to your list of plugins for vim and you  are done.


If you are using snipmate, then make sure that you read the description of the plugin to add the required lines to the vimrc file to get the full functionality. You would love to type henceforth in your favourite editor. We will talk about more on Intellisense in few days time.. Chao till then.

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