Your own local search engine.

There are times when you would want to have a local search engine capable of indexing even pdf and doc files. So here is a solution.

You can use “Omega” and here are the instructions.

download omega from http://

yum install xapian libuuid-devel

And then make and install omega and for this you can follow the instructions.

Federated Search Engine Diagram
Federated Search Engine Diagram (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Create index using command omindex
and then you can use quest or to search or you can setup the cgi way so that you can use local browser to search.

You can setup cron with following to update the index regularly:

omindex -p --db /var/lib/omega/data/default --url /URL /path/to/index
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cd across parallel directories

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Here is a simple and fast way to cd across parallel directory.

cd ${PWD/test/actual}
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Empty a file

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This one is for those who know the “touch” command. Hope all of us do not follow a  command just because it is on one of the popular site without trying to understand the command and the output.

Empty a file

touch file

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