Free Home made calendar for December 2010.


Hope you will like this 🙂

gnomecc color scheme - my favourite.


my favourite <a href="">gtkrc-2 file. Snapshot of how it looks. <a …

6700 free and redistributable fonts for Linux.


Today I was searching for some good fonts for my desktop running Fedora 11 – Leonidas. In my quest to find the required fonts that I would liked, I reached some good sites so just thought would share …

Periodically download and use as wallpaper from Flickr in Fedora using Webilder.


Ever wanted to have wallpaper downloaded from Flickr directly using the tags and then apply them as wallpaper, then the way to go is download Webilder <a …

Linux Advocacy and cool things to do with Linux.


I have heard a lot of Linux advocacy and read probably a couple of artilcles also on them but they lack one thing : the end user perspective. Linux is great no doubt, but there are far too many things …

Another nice utility for blogging from within firefox.


Scribfire is another nice utility for blogging withing firefox. Nice features and quick and easy to configure and use ..

Gnome 3.0 – the beginning of workflow era


There is a nice article <a href="">here. This talks about gnome 3.0 with screenshot. Definately worth looking at. And if …

gnome-blog — Deskbar applet for blogging


Chanced upon utility called gnome blog. A nifty nice deskbar applet that can be used to post your blogs quickly.<h6 class="zemanta-related-title">Related articles by Zemanta <ul …

Add a image to the list of background files in gnome


In Gnome, when you right click on the desktop background you will get a menu for &#8221;Change Desktop backgound. The images displayed in this menu are quite a few but if you want to add your own …

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