Eight CSS Tips for Advanced Layouts and Effects


The realm of web front-end development has made considerable progress over the last few years. However, the web front-end, as the users see it, is still the same: HTML markup styled with CSS. Many …

rfc2html – php script to view rfc with index and links.


If you have to keep viewing RFC’s and you miss index and links in RFC while viewing rfc, then you should check-out rfc2html. It is scrtip that takes plain text rfc and converts it to html. You can get …

get the contents of whole site like some wiki or wikia


For wikis and wikia, generally if you are trying to get some url mirror, then is an excellent option. This script is in the python sources so, to get this tool, yumdownloader --source …

get all the urls in html file (local or on server).


To use this, you will need the lynx tool, so install that first. sudo yum install lynx Now, to get list of all the URLs in local html file or some URL, just execute this: lynx -dump -listonly Related …

quick notepad in firefox.


If you quickly need to note something and you do not want to leave your browser then just add a bookmark to : data:text/html, <html contenteditable> and whenever you need to get the notepad, …

viewvc – serve current directory in web interface.


Here is the description of viewvc: […] ViewVC is a browser interface for CVS and Subversion version control repositories. It generates templatized HTML to present navigable directory, revision, …

Battery performance improvement with powertop and using xidel.


For those of you, who have not heard about powertop, it is a tool to monitor the power consumption on your system. It has a tab which shows the tuneable parameters. Doing the changes suggested in …

convert word document to html


First install the required package: sudo yum install wv Description: […] And here is the list of the programs that this utility provides: /usr/bin/wvAbw /usr/bin/wvCleanLatex /usr/bin/wvConvert …

symlinks -delete all invalid soft links in Linux/Fedora


First of all, install symlinks if it is not installed : sudo yum install symlinks and here is the description: […] and the help for the same: […] symlinks: scan/change symbolic links – …

using `!#$’ to referance backward-word


Image by jeffalldridge via Flickr […] Here is something that I found on the commandlinefu cp /work/host/phone/ui/main.cpp !#$:s/host/target Ah well…its very interesting and very useful. Some …

bash math


some quick links :

Building a Finite State Machine Using DFA::Simple

2010/12/15 Building a Finite State Machine Using DFA::Simple By Bill Ruppert on September 23, 2004 12:00 AM I am converting some articles from MS Word to HTML by …

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