ssh trick – ssh to remote host with bastion host


Lot of times, you have to ssh to a server with bastion host. If you dont know what is bastion host then see this: […]  Now, in such cases, either you add an entry in “~/.ssh/config” to route …

https site available now with cert from


More about :  […] is a community-driven Certificate Authority that issues certificates to the public at large for free. CAcert’s goal is to promote awareness and education …

ssh authorized keys – limit ssh session to custom command


If you want a ssh key to be able to run a custom command only and nothing beyond that, then you can use the “command” option in the authorized_keys file of ssh.  For example, to limit user to run only …

shell script for some quick tests on Linux


Head over to the link and grab the script. Just run it and make yourself a little bit more safe 🙂

Search CVE – web interface with php


So, last few weeks have been very busy with lot of security issues, so I thought of having a local CVE Search app. But all I could find on google and were on python and nothing that I could …

Sandbox apache (httpd) for better security.


Apache/httpd is something which you would like to have contained. And now fedora provides a native way/mechanism to to so with virt-sandbox-service. With this, you can create a virtualized sanbox …

Sandbox Firefox – First step to security


First we will setup cgroup to limit cpu and memory usage, so here we go: Add the configuration in /etc/cgconfig.conf #------start cgconfig---------------- #new group group firefox { perm { task { …

configure firewall – the easy way.


It is good practice to keep iptables/firewall enabled. But configuring it is difficult, do you agree. Not any more 🙂 Install firewall-config sudo yum install firewall-config This will install a GUI …


Allow incoming/outgoing ports on iptables


Last couple of years, I just used to disable iptables on my system, this time I decided not to disable it and keep it enabled. So far so good, now comes the tricky part, I have http server enabled on …

mysql output to an array for easy parsing.


 Today I was looking for some way to put the output of the mysql output in an array in a bash script. Quick google search yeilded to results something like this:  […] <td> <div …

Security — Installing and monitoring snort logs.


Snort is a very good security tool to install if you are concerned about the security of your system. I find it really useful but the problem is I keep forgetting to monitor the logs so what did I do, …

How to write a Linux virus – well or a trojan.


and the folloup thereof […] Thats quite a lot of discussion and an interesting one too. I too liked the point that the authour is trying to make, that is Linux too is not completely safe. I …

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