bash script with sql to get the number of records from multiple tables.


Here is the bash script: […] #!/bin/sh names[1]=errorlog names[2]=amit1log names[3]=amit2log names[4]=amit3log names[5]=amit4log j=1 echo $1 for i in $( sqlplus amit/passwd@tns @get_count.sql …

Execute mysql command from shell


phpMyAdmin is a very slow application if you want to execute a query on your database. If you know the name of the database then any GUI tool is an overhead. So I have written a one liner shell script …

phpMyEdit – Mysql table viewer, editor and php code generator.


As a developer, whenever you want to write the php code to get the data from the MySQL database, sometimes it becomes tiresome and time taking. And what if you had to do it dynamically. Well I have …

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