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2020-07-19 1 min read Uncategorized
Quick update on the blog. I have made some pretty good changes and now this blog should be loading pretty fast. Hope you have a much better experience now :)

scripting – performance improvement with file open

2020-04-20 2 min read bash Learning Linux
Sometimes just one line of code can make all the difference. I will show you with example. Here is script with 2 functions. Both are writing some lines of text to a file. First function, “a” I have used the redirection to write to file. Function “b”, I have opened a file descriptor with “>” before going into the loop and use that reference for writing to the file. (This concept remains same for any scripting or programming language). Continue reading

List all the tags for a image on docker hub

2020-03-16 1 min read Learning Vurtualization
Something that you may want to know sometimes and docker cli does not show by default is all the tags for the image on docker hub. Here is example to list all tags fro the centos image curl |jq '."results"[]["name"]' The example is for a v2 registry. The output for v1 is different than v2 registry. For a v1 registry, you can use command like below curl |jq '. Continue reading

kitty terminal themes

2020-03-09 1 min read Learning
Kitty is a very nice and fast terminal that uses GPU, you can find more information here. For this terminal there are lot of themes available that you can checkout on the kitty themes github page here. You can checkout the themes with git clone ~/.config/kitty/kitty-themes Once you have done that, you can use the theme with adding a line in kitty.conf as : include
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