get all the urls in html file (local or on server).


To use this, you will need the lynx tool, so install that first. sudo yum install lynx Now, to get list of all the URLs in local html file or some URL, just execute this: lynx -dump -listonly Related …

cgroups – use to control your cpu and memory


cgroups is a kernel feature and with userspace utilities, we can use the feature to control the cpu and memory for per process. So, lets first install the required tools. sudo yum install …

Firefox troubleshooting


Here are few quick tips on getting to see what could be wrong with firefox. Config entries – about:config Support Information – about:support Details on config entries – …

Taking screenshot in firefox.


Couple of days back, I was trying to take screenshot with Firefox. As usual I started out with searching for plugins which could take a screen shot for the whole page and not just the visible portion …

Change the firefox theme without restarting.


How often you wished that you could change the theme for firefox without restarting. Well sometime back Mozilla came up with Light weight themes called personna’s but if that is not sufficient for you …

FastestfoxLite - Disable prefetching and make firefox really fast.


If you are stuck with firefox performance, then you should try this addon:<h6 class="zemanta-related-title">Related articles by …

List all the installed firefox addons from the bash script


Here is a one-line that would help you get the <a class="zem_slink freebase/en/mozilla_firefox" title="Firefox" rel="homepage" …

They own your CPU (and so so in Windows and Mac, too)


Click: &#8221;I laugh — LAUGH! — when a tech journalist writes something to the effect of, &#8221;for lightweight tasks such as Web browsing,&#8221; when you know, and I know, that there …

Extract all urls from the last firefox sessionstore.js file used.


Some taken from commandlinefu. What all the below commands are doing is basically that the url: is captured from the sessionstore.js file and then just extract the URL from the line. These are done in …

check out


If you are a web developer and are worried about how your <a class="zem_slink" href="" title="Website" …

what is my user agent


Wonder what your browser is sending to all the websites that you visit. Check out at <a href="">

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