Gnome Icons, themes and window decorator.

2010-07-14 1 min read Fedora Linux
Yesterday, I had tried fusion theme, but that did not work our that good for me. Reasons multifold: I like the features of GNome I am used to GNome Other window managers did not look that lucarative to me. Compiz was chocking my CPU.. and so on.. So I went back to my GNome but wanted to change the looks so searched enough today to get the right set of Icons and themes. Continue reading

cairo-dock themes on server – download to local machine.

2010-05-30 1 min read Linux
I was trying to get all the cairo-themes locally. One because sometimes the internet connection is slow and second for the fun of it. So I did the first thing that can be done, to search the internet and find out how to do it. Could not find anything in the results and thus started to search how to to it. And here it is finally: Get the list of themes <a href="http://themes. Continue reading

Speed up gnome and change widow manager for gnome.

2010-01-13 3 min read Linux
I have been planning to do this for quite some time now. So finally I did this today. Actually I wanted to use some features of gnome like tracker and gnome-settings and quite a few other things along with running cairo-dock and still wanted the system to use less memory and faster response. It is well known fact that gnome/kde takes a lot of memory and CPU thus wanted to run some other window manager like fluxbox or blackbox. Continue reading