Backup – simple and intelligent

2014-06-06 1 min read Fedora
However much you stress on the importance of backupm people will forget about keeping it. So, if you do need a completely automated and simple backup then consider using “Back In Time“. Description: BackInTime is a simple backup system for Linux inspired from “flyback project” and “TimeVault”. The backup is done by taking snapshots of a specified set of directories. This package contains the GNOME frontend of BackInTime. For installation: Continue reading

geary mail – gnome mail client

2014-05-30 1 min read Gnome
A new mail client is coming in town. Gnome is working on new mail client called geary. Currently only supports imap accounts. Description: Geary is a new email reader for GNOME designed to let you read your email quickly and effortlessly. Its interface is based on conversations, so you can easily read an entire discussion without having to click from message to message. Geary is still in early development and has limited features today, but we’re planning to add Continue reading

nautilis fork ( File manager ) with tree view in sidebar.

2014-02-09 1 min read Fedora Gnome
Was searching for this for sometime now, finally found it. sudo yum install nemo sudo yum list nemo* First just install nemo. Configure nemo not to interfere with default desktop and also make it default handler. So, here are the settings that would do it. gconftool-2 --set /desktop/gnome/applications/component_viewer/exec --type 'string' 'nemo "%s"' gconftool-2 --set /desktop/gnome/url-handlers/trash/command --type 'string' 'nemo "%s"' gsettings set org.nemo.desktop show-desktop-icons false Now, if you need more functionality in file manager then check the list of nemo packages from the output of second command of yum. Continue reading

conky transparent window on Fedora with Gnome.

2013-07-22 1 min read Fedora Gnome
On Fedora with Gnome-shell 3, its been long time that I was not able to get transparent window. So, finally I thought to spend some time to try to fix that. Finally got that fixed with all the configurations below in the conkyrc. Here the default color is set to LightSkyBlue but feel free to change that. I hope this helps fedora community who is struggling to get transparent window. And here is the code : Continue reading

Fedora – Ramdisk creation

2013-05-10 1 min read Fedora
In Fedora, ramdisks are not created by default as is the case with RHEL. So, if you need to get Ramdisks on Fedora, then you can do this: sudo yum install MAKEDEV This will create some default Ramdisk’s in the “/dev” directory. Now, if you need to change anything then feel free to go to “/etc/makedev.d” and feel free to change these files. The Fedora Project logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Related articles User:Ktdreyer/Gitorious Development Builds of Inkscape for fedora Fedora 19 Graphics Test Week kicks off tomorrow! Continue reading

Xnest – XDMCP protocol and virtual DM

2012-10-22 2 min read Fedora
An IceWM Xephyr session is running inside a Fluxbox Xephyr session, which is running inside another IceWM Xephyr session, which is running under Linux Mint 8. (Note that Fluxbox is also licensed under the MIT license by the Fluxbox developers, but IceWM is released under the GPL and LGPL by Marko Ma?ek.) (Photo credit: Wikipedia) XDMCP is protocol that allows remote connections and provides you with a working Display Manager like KDE, GNome, et al. Continue reading
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