find more information on ext2/3/4 filesystem

2013-09-20 2 min read Linux
English: Ext3 & Ext4 file systems: fsck time vs Inode Count (Photo credit: Wikipedia) In my previous post on check filesystem regurlarly, I mentioned tune2fs. That tool give quite a lot of information. But just in case, you did not find what you are looking for in the output, then you can get much more information on these partitions with the dumpe2fs command. dumpe2fs You do really get a lot of information, and here are some of them: Continue reading

Find directory/file with inode number

2013-09-10 1 min read Fedora Linux
Couple of days back, I was getting the following error: Directory inode 2362521 has an unallocated block #245823. Allocate? And this continued for hours together and I was in a hurry. Did not really care about the error and all I wanted was to get rid of the error but for that I needed to get to the file/directory with inode number mentioned in the error and finally “find” command came to rescue: Continue reading