[Solved] ssh works but scp does not


Image via Wikipedia […] For quite sometime now, I was having this issue, that for the home system, I was able to connect to is using ssh but it never worked. Fnally after quite some debugging …

PuTTY alternatives - AlternativeTo.net


I like PuTTY quite a bit but do not like the fact that it does not have any tab feature. So, if I am working on multiple machines then un-necessarily I will have too many windows open cluttering my …

PuTTY ssh without password


you can do a ssh without password.. Today we will see how to do this with putty. Generate public/private (DSA)key pair using puttygen. copy the public key to ~/.ssh/authourized_keys on your server …

PuTTY alternatives - AlternativeTo.net


Sometimes after hours of searching you find a link so good that it needs no introductions and neither any writeup. I found one such page today : <a …

PuTTY export client display on login for opening X application and terminal.


export DISPLAY=$(echo $SSH_CLIENT |awk '{print $1&#8221;:0.0&#8221;}&#8217;) […] Explanation: SSH_CLIENT contains the IP and the port of the client machine. So we need to export …

Setting the title of PuTTY window.


Setting the title for PuTTY window is quite a simple trick. The trick is to set the PS1 with a escape sequence. When the PS1 is set with the escape sequence the variable will set the title window …

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