Text editor

sigil – ebook editor


sigil is WYSIWYG ebook editor, here are more details. […] Name : sigil Version : 0.9.9 Release : 2.fc28 Arch : x86_64 Size : 3.6 M Source : sigil-0.9.9-2.fc28.src.rpm Repo : fedora Summary : …

quick notepad in firefox.


If you quickly need to note something and you do not want to leave your browser then just add a bookmark to : data:text/html, <html contenteditable> and whenever you need to get the notepad, …

Linux Shell Scripting Tutorial – A Beginner\’s handbook


<a class="zem_slink freebase/en/unix_shell" title="Unix shell" rel="wikipedia" href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unix_shell">Linux Shell Scripting …

10 Keyboard Techniques To Create Cool Symbols


Symbols existed even before the alphabets. Over the years they have been part of folklore, myths and legends. Some have stayed on as indelible marks. Some, like the swastika, are better forgotten. …

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