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N900 and skype support


Image by Getty Images via @daylife […] I was trying to add my skype account on the N900 today and could not add the account. I did not find any option to add the same. After some googling and …

some bash exercise for you


Here is some teaser for you, can you figure out how this works:

Introduction to the Command Line (Second Edition) — Free Ebook Download


Pretty good book for beginners on command line whether you work on Ubuntu, Fedora, BSD or any other version. […] …

Handy one-liners for SED


Here are some links to sed one liners, pretty useful if you want to use the power of sed. <a …

Startup animation and theme for Fedora 12 onwards.


Since the release of <a class="zem_slink freebase/en/fedora" title="Fedora" rel="homepage" href="http://fedoraproject.org/">Fedora 12, fedora is using …

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