Tag2Find – Tag Your Windows Files with Web-like Tags

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Tagging is something your pipsqueak pigtailed sister did with you when you were in your tweens. That kind of ceaseless trailing was pesky. The Web 2.0 version though saves us a lot of bother.

Tagging is commonplace around blogs and websites. We all agree that it’s a speedy way to scour out a web resource; nearly single click in its utility. We are so used to it that we perhaps miss it as a feature in Windows.

Windows XP was born much before Web 2.0 came about. So, there’s the easy explanation. Vista of course has file tagging and Vista Quick Search as a feature but with a leaning towards only Office docs and a few limitations for certain file types like TXT, RTF, and PNG etc.  Even then with all ifs and buts, Vista’s search is better for it. Windows XP meanwhile lags behind, huffing and puffing in its file search.

To plug the want, there is always one or the other software. You might have tried out the previously mentioned TaggedFrog.  Another of its type is Tag2Find.

There was a brief mention of it some time back. So, let’s take a closer look at how Tag2Find saves us XP users (why not Vista’s too?) some grunt work.

Tag2Find (ver. is a 2.23 MB freeware that allows us to add tags to Windows XP contents and make our search less tedious. According to the site, it’s still in the technical preview stage and the developers are looking to make further improvements.

Read more at URL: http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/Makeuseof/~3/tpnC2te-swk/

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