FVWM window manager.

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So Now I am trying different window managers. My requirement is simple, alt+tab should allow me to swicht the windows and the window manager should be light but configurable and should show the programs/applications that are installed on my system. The last requirement comes from the fact that I am quite forgetful person and keep forgetting about the application to use for the particular purpose. So Window Manager should not be CPU and Memory hogging like Gnome or KDE but still should be decent and not like \”X\” or hackedbox.

So, I went back to fvwm. I remember using this some 8-9 years back as fvwm2. This is quite a interesting wm. Quite light and good one.

Heres a screenshot:


and if you looking at installting this on your Fedora box then just type:

yum install fvwm


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