Bash script to view log and config file in different server and paths.

I was working on a project, where I need to open file from different servers and different paths. I do it with the command:

vim ftp://username@server/path/filename

This is okay when the path is short but when the path gets longer and I have different config files to open from the same path or their associated logs, then it becomes un-necessary typing. So, I did the following:

Have a file with some aliase\’s like the below and source it from the bashrc file:

conf_app1=dns #this is with path


log_app1=dns #this too is with path


And then I have a bash script that will use these variables to open the file required. I use the format as c/l app1

where c/l denotes whether I want to open the config file or the log file. Download the script here.

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