Liquid rescale and remove objects from the images.

Ever wanted to remove some unwanted object from an image. Wonder how many thinkgs you have to do, clone and delete and what not:)

There is a simpler way, just paint it in foreground color. Does that sound ridiculous, not any more with Liquid Rescale. First install the plugin for liquid rescale for gimp.

yum install gimp-lqr-plugin

Now, just follow simple instructions below:

  1. in the menu, choose Layer and then Liquid Rescale
  2. click on the New button in the Discard features section on the right: a new layer will be created
  3. put the plugin window on one side of the screen without closing it, and go back to work on the gimp main windows
  4. choose the paint tool and paint over the area you wish to remove
  5. go back to the plugin window
  6. click the Refresh button at the bottom: you should see your discard mask appear in the preview
  7. optionally, in the Mode box on the left choose Lqr + scale back or Lqr + Lqr back
  8. click the Auto size button at the bottom of the Discard features section (optionally choose the scaling direction in the box at the side of the button before clicking it).
  9. click OK

Could it get any simpler.

Well some example may help.

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