vi – the powerful Linux/Unix text editor

We will talk about some vi stuff today:

Some fun first-->
2) help 42

Ok, coming to serious things-
3) Linux cheat sheet:

Commands and tips:
6) Something that is difficult to find on the net is : how to create a numbered list in vi/vim? Simple, we will use macro\'s
To do this:
a> type number and terminatory ex: 1)
b> start recording using <ALT>qa  . This will record the macro in a.
c> yank the line with yy
d> goto next line
e> press <CTRL>a to increment the number
f> End the macro recording with q
g> Play the macro with numner of times to repeat the actions. Example press 11@a
7) For repeating the last command you can use <dot>
8) You can put your vim settings in ~/<dot>vimrc and this can containg things like \"set nu\" and any other configuration.
9) Adding date in vi : <ESC>:r! date
10) There is a variant of vi known as elvis which is quite nice
11) Similarly for viewing binary file there is a variant called bvi

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