New Improvements in the site and added few more features.

Last couple of days I have spent quite some time on the website design and format and performance along with moving my Hosting Provider.

Here are couple of things that you would notice immediately:

1. Site loading time is decreased substantially. I saw it loading in 5 seconds from my system.

2. I have moved my hosting from ZNetIndia to GoDaddy. Though the users do not have any direct impact in experience but that has definitely improved the performance. I have spent quite some amount of money on this and would request the viewers to click on the Google Advertisements to help me cover it. You help is much appreciated. Other way you can help is by way of buying my photos from my e-shop.

3. Changed the theme to more Business class look with a professional attitude.

4. Performance on Mobile is very much improved. I have installed a new theme for mobile and have improved performance.

5. Added few more links on my page.

6. Removed un-necessary plugins.

7. Added support for translations. Google AJAX Translation ROCKS.

Hope all this will make your experience better.