Using EOG and other image viewers to learn tricks of photography


Today we will look at how a simple viewer like EOG of Gnome can help you learn some basic things about Photography.

To begin with, we will open eog and then go to :

Edit -> Preferences -> Plugins

and enable

Exif Display

Now, press Ctrl + F9 or go to view and enable sidebar.

In the sidebar, now you can see the exif details of the Photo. Though this is just the basic exif infomation and iptc data is not displayed but this will probably still give you an idea of what was the Zoom, Expo time and Aperture Speed along with the ISO for the picture. This will help you decide on how these settings might affect the photo. Probably you can take a few photo of the same scene with different settings and see how they affect them 🙂

More later.


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