Send history of current host to some other host over ssh


Sometimes I want to save the history of current host on another host. This is to ensure that I can use copy/paste on other host to run the commands. To this, I found a simple solution – history| ssh …

send mail using telnet from script


If you have no other option but to use telnet with authentication to send mail 🙂

ansible with docker dynamic inventory


So, I have a few dockers. Every now and then I want to run some command on all of them. Doing ‘docker exec’ is tiresome. I found this neat solution with ansible that I thought I should share with you. …

Executing commands on multiple hosts


If you have to execute the same command in multiple hosts, then you can use mussh: […] First install mussh with the following command dnf install mussh Now to run this for multiple hosts, you …

script to get hard disk health in fedora/ubuntu


First, put this in a script. #!/bin/bash #Change as appropriate HDD=sda export sub="SmartCtl data for HDD" echo 'To: <Your Email> Sub: [Cron] $sub MIME-Version: 1.0 Content-Type: text/html …

Quick tip on zipping logs in real time.


Sometimes, some small things that we don’t actually think can be useful are such useful. I faced this couple of days back when I was working on something and the amount of logs getting generated and …

Delete Files older than 14 days


Taken from Dzone. […] @echo on setlocal set srcDir=. […] Read more: <a href="">

bash one liner to change/remove test pattern from config file or text file.


Problem: I had a directory with a lot of config files in the ini file format, i.e. name and value separated by equals. Some/all of these contained some directory names and other values which had to be …

Script to add all the partitions to the fstab.


I wrote a simple script today to get all the partitions on all the disks and then create <a class="zem_slink freebase/en/fstab" title="Fstab" rel="wikipedia" …

bash script to change icon theme to check out all the installed themes (personal)


I am really annoyed with the time that is required and the number of clicks that it takes to change the gnome icon theme. So here&#8217;s a small script that I wrote to quickly check out all the …

bash script to periodically change the cursor theme.


#!/bin/bash [[ &#8221;$1&#8221; == &#8221;&#8221; ]] && time=5 || time=$1 [[ &#8221;$2&#8221; == &#8221;&#8221; ]] && ( cd ~/.icons …

Bugzilla Automation with perl — add, update or query any bug in Bugzilla using perl and www series modules for perl.


Today I was trying to do some queries and see if I could create a new bug or update a existing bug in the Bugzilla. The one that I was trying to access was on version 2.0 and not on 3.0. This being …

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