New feature in Nautilus – resize icon on desktop.


On Desktop on Gnome using nautilus, now you can resize individual icons. Just right click on the icon to resize and in the menu you will get a resize icon : […] and then you can resize the icon …

Gnome Icons, themes and window decorator.


Yesterday, I had tried fusion theme, but that did not work our that good for me. Reasons multifold: […] So I went back to my GNome but wanted to change the looks so searched enough today to get …

bash script to change icon theme to check out all the installed themes (personal)


I am really annoyed with the time that is required and the number of clicks that it takes to change the gnome icon theme. So here’s a small script that I wrote to quickly check out all the …

bash script to periodically change the cursor theme.


#!/bin/bash [[ ”$1” == ”” ]] && time=5 || time=$1 [[ ”$2” == ”” ]] && ( cd ~/.icons …

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